Attacking Principles

Members of the Rosevelt Soccer Club will aspire to live up to the following Attacking Principles:

5. We will use fewer than 3 touches.

We will take as few touches as possible before passing to a teammate or taking a shot on goal,
because we recognize our team's speed of play quickens when we take fewer individual touches. To
help us use fewer than 3 touches before making a quick pass to a teammate, escaping from pressure,
or breaking into open space, we will use a clean, controlled first touch to square our shoulders to the
goal our team is attacking.   

We will complete at least 250 passes per 90 minutes.

6. We will favor high-percentage passes.

We will favor low-risk, high-percentage passes to our teammates, because we value possession of
the ball and recognize hopeful, low-percentage passes often result in turnovers and the loss of
possession. To help us complete high-percentage passes, we will pass the ball on the ground as
often as possible, because those types of passes are easier for us to control. High-percentage
passes also allow us to move the ball more efficiently and quicken our team's speed of play.

We will complete at least 50% of our attempted passes each game.

7. We will favor high-percentage scoring opportunities.

We recognize that quality teams in Major League Soccer convert about 20% of their shots inside the
penalty area into goals, but convert only about 5% of shots taken outside the penalty area into
goals. We will therefore focus on creating high-percentage scoring chances inside the penalty area,
instead of settling for relatively low-percentage shots from outside the penalty area. To help us create
high-percentage scoring opportunities, all ten of our field players will expand and spread the field to
create passing angles and running lanes for our attack.                        

                      We will create at least 5 shots on goal within the penalty area per 90 minutes.

Rosevelt SC
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