About Us

      "Simple [soccer] is also the most beautiful. The solution that seems
       the simplest is in fact the most difficult one."

                       - Dutch, AFC Ajax, and FC Barcelona great
                         Johan Cruyff, quoted in David Winner's
                         Brilliant Orange

       Qui plantavit curabit. [He who planted will preserve.]

                      - Roosevelt family motto.

The Rosevelt Soccer Club is a premier soccer program sponsored by the
Westbrook Soccer
League, but any soccer player in southern Maine is eligible to play for its teams.

Inspired by the soccer philosophies of Johan Cruyff and the passion of Theodore
Roosevelt, Rosevelt SC aspires to provide Maine youth soccer players with a unique and
affordable opportunity to develop as soccer players and young people.

Along with adhering to club's
Program Policies, General Principles, Attacking Principles, and Defending
Principles, Rosevelt SC has the following goals and missions:

  * To provide soccer players in Maine with a relatively affordable option for
     premier-level soccer.

  * To provide soccer players in Maine with opportunities to develop as soccer
     players in all aspects: Technical, physical, and mental.

  * To help aspiring student-athletes navigate the college research, selection, and/or
     college recruitment process.

  * To help improve the quality of play among Maine's collegiate, high school, and Classic
     Soccer programs.

  * To cultivate members' lifelong interest and involvement in the game of

  * To provide members with real-world learning experiences and public
     service opportunities.

Below is a breakdown of Rosevelt SC's crest. It was designed by Matt Johnson, a member
Westbrook High School's art department.
Rosevelt Soccer Club
PO Box 845, Westbrook, ME, 04092
(207) 766-8554
Qui plantavit curabit
Rosevelt SC